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Entry #2

yes! i know they are short!

2010-07-24 19:54:37 by Sinapi

I dont get why some people say the animation is bad if the duration is short, they may be short animations but I try to do it as smoothly that my experience allows me, (another reason is that my cpu cant process something longer) maybe in a month ill get my new cpu and then ill start to make some longer animations...


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2010-07-24 20:05:03

I think your animations is very impressive. They are very well made, even if they have their flaws. I think you should do well. You can't do more then what your skills allow you to, just practice.

I liked your animations ^^

Love Trix

Sinapi responds:

;u: thank u so much! im glad you think that way : D
and yeahh, i need to practice a lot more! ^^


2010-07-26 18:07:46

Your animations are too short and unfunny, making them bad. Improve on these things.


2010-07-27 00:27:34

love your work

Sinapi responds:

im glad, thank u so much! ;u;


2010-07-27 00:53:15

I love your animating... its expressive, amusing, and a bit sweet. People think that short things are generally bad because most very short things that get posted on NG are often bad, so its a presumption that people don't look past. They also don't appreciate that something can be told/expressed in a short time. Never be discouraged by those types when sharing here, there are enough of us that are loving what you post.

Sinapi responds:

you´re right, and in the end i came to this webpage because i wanted people to watch my animations, so is not big deal if they think that my animations are bad.
thank u so much for your support!!!, is always great to know that there is someone who appreciates my art ;u;


2010-07-27 18:49:07

You're right, the length of the animation shouldn't affect the gradeof the animation!
Especialy when your animations are so good!
I mean some of Explosm's animations are short and yet he gets a good score!
And your animations are just as good!
They're funny, smooth, and amazing!

Sinapi responds:

uhhhh!!!! Explosm is just so great!!! thank u for think that my animations are as good!!! ºuº any way, is not like i will stop animating because of some people who thinks my animations are bad, just the right opposite, i will prove that i can become better


2010-07-29 00:13:58

Love your work! Keep it up!

Sinapi responds:

thank u so much! i will!


2010-07-29 11:37:38

why do u care what others say? they don''t liek it becuase they have too much sparetime. they need long animations so they can spent more time infront of the pc. If u don't make them long they won't like it, but they don't care how hard u worked or if the animation is good.

just keep it up, i like the humor in your animations

Sinapi responds:

ahahahhahaa!!! i think i love you! XDDDD


2010-07-30 02:30:13

Someone said your animation is short and unfunny making them bad.

Your concepts are worth animating. A movie is two things, everything before the ending and the ending. I like your stories.

And duh, obviously you didn't spend 8,000 years on the script and you think it's gold. So that's what I mean by it's worth animating. (But I really do like them!)

And I think you're still practicing to some degree " i wanted to test the masks ".

Heeeey do you have another website? Deviantart or youtube? I wanna keep track of your stuff.


2010-07-30 02:31:38

Also, short and snappy animation is way better than long and boring.


But yes....when the time comes....."maybe in a month ill get my new cpu"
I wonder what kind of stories you will do since you won't have any limitations...

Sinapi responds:

uh!!! i second that! thanks!!!!
and yeah, once i get my pc (and if i dont get lazy) ill start animating some ideas i have in mind (with longer scenes), and who knows, maybe some 3d and after effects ºuº
thank u so much, i wanna keep track of your stuff too!!! youre great : D


2010-07-31 11:37:39

I don't think your animations would be as fun as they are to watch if they were longer (Short and sweet, and all that xD), so I got no idea why people are complaining.

Except maybe some people are a bit spoiled by some of the long movies here, but then you can't please everyone. xP

Sinapi responds:

that´s right i can´t please everyone, the shorts i had made until now are thinked to be short.
The good news: in a certain future (about a week) will arrive my new super pc and then ill do some longer animations *u*

thank u so much!!!


2010-07-31 14:37:04

i think its most awsome if its short but alot of effort in it and smooth effects than long with crappy animation and if its short and fun you can watch it thousands of times and still get the fun parts :D so give a d*mn about the aholes wich say "omigod its too short and im a huge geek so thats why i use my whole day to write this comment ughuuu *picks nose and finds something and eats it* now this person is bad cuz its a short animation" just give a d*mn about those nolifers and make AWSOME MOVIES :D

Sinapi responds:

OMG! thats the swettes thing ive ever heard! (read) *o*!!!!!!
please marryme!!!


2010-07-31 14:54:09

I've watched your vids, they are very funny and your latest flash was soooo cute, :3

Sinapi responds:

thank u so much!!!! glad you like them : D


2010-07-31 15:22:19

I tought it was ok!


2010-07-31 15:22:25

you're fun...


Sinapi responds:

sr, yes sr!!!
thank u sr!!!


2010-08-01 06:24:35

Great art work, every thing is smooth. 10/10, 5/5. Hope to see more of your work on front page :)

Sinapi responds:

thank u so much! and i hope so too!!! ;u;


2010-08-01 08:52:55

you do an amazing job on your animations. I'm sure if your computer was a bit faster or had more memory you'd make longer animations. also as long as your animations have a plot in them it won't matter if they are short.

Sinapi responds:

good news: my super pc will arrive in about a week and then i´ll be able to do longer animations : D
theplot now is the problem >_> kinda have more short stories than longer ones D:
thank you so much for the "amazing job" ;u;


2010-08-01 18:12:56

I'd rather short and sweet than long and shitty

Sinapi responds:

yeah mee too!!! XDDD
thank u so much!!! ºuº


2010-08-01 22:43:41

I think the shortness makes them better because sometimes people just want a quick laugh.

Sinapi responds:

ahahahhaa thats my target market then!!!!


2010-08-02 11:39:14

It's not that they're short it's that they aren't satisfying. I love short films and yours are great but your most recent one wasn't so impressive. I loved the film itself but like I said in my review you could have done more with the pictures in the credit. Other than that I loved it.


2010-08-02 15:54:45

your animations are not bad at all!

it's been three months since the last time i logged in newgrounds and i am happy i did it because if i didn't i wouldn't have been able to see your animations!
(let aside that the site is great xd)

Sinapi responds:

wooo!!! thank u so much!!!! im glad to read that ;u;
(yeah the site is great!!!)


2010-08-02 20:49:38

I like your animations alot. You should make more of them. (^_^)-b
I also added you to my fav.

Sinapi responds:

ahahaha working on it!!!! XD
thank u so much for the fav too!!!


2010-08-02 23:25:28

I personally enjoy the style a lot. The shortness keeps them all unique. I had to watch them a couple times because I didn't understand or I missed something. But I thought that just made them better. There are always those jokes that take you a second then you go, "Oh... I get it, that's hilarious" Keep up the good work. I plan to see more in the future.



2010-08-05 18:48:43

Short is still okay as long as it's funny. What I think matters most is
1. Humor
2. Animation
3. Length


2010-08-07 19:32:25

Your stuff IS short. But they are NOT bad. NG is just full of trolls and 13 year old kids.
Your art is nice and your animation smooth. Its good stuff.


2010-08-08 10:55:05

you're animations arn't bad at all


2010-08-26 18:22:44

I love you animations just the way they are!
I just wish everybody wouldn't think that leangth doesn't matter.(which it doesn't)
So, are you working on anything right now?


2010-08-28 18:42:23

How anyone can't love your animations based solely on their length, I shall never know...

But in "Franken B"

When she fell, did she just *roll* over to the power switch? XD


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