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2008-11-11 01:31:03 by Sinapi

My first day as a member in this web! im a complete newby, im not used to the browser system and those exp points... but im really happy that my first animation have a green color!!! that means it is "ok" isn it?
im still browsing to know more about this webpage o___o

what is the whistle status?


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2008-11-11 02:40:10

Its when you flag submissions while they are in judgment when they appeared to disobey the terms of use. A garbage whistle means that you probably flagged an animation incorrectly, normal is just average, and silver and gold are just more upscale as you flag submissions. The whistles just make you seem like a more dedicated member on Newgrounds, and something to stare at for a couple of minutes.

Sinapi responds:

thank u! really helpfull ^_^


2008-11-11 04:26:33

Same as Griffonzo67 says...

All questions can be answered in the help/faq link

Here are the reasons why you should blow the whistle...

"This movie is stolen" - Use this option if you are certain an entry has been submitted by someone other than the creator. After blowing the whistle you will be asked to indicate from whom or where the entry was stolen; provide links when possible.

"This movie is malicious (e.g. auto-spawns pop-up windows, multiple submission)" - Use this option if an entry has malicious intent such as spawning pop-ups to other sites automatically, trying to run a script or interact with your computer in a malicious way, or was submitted repeatedly after being Blammed with no effort made to improve the entry. After blowing this whistle you will be asked to indicate which malicious acts the entry committed.

"This movie is unsuitable (e.g. hardcore adult, porn slideshow, hateful, illegal)" - Use this flag if you feel an entry goes beyond what is appropriate for While we host a lot of extreme content we do not seek content that is racist, hateful, or illegal. Examples include child pornography, bestiality, photos or video of hardcore adult acts, pornographic slideshows, and images of people or animals being killed, tortured, or mutilated. (Note: If someone submits a Flash movie or game that merely uses hardcore material in a humorous way and the submission is at least rated accordingly, it may be acceptable. Again, after blowing this whistle you will be asked to indicate what you found to be unsuitable.

But even though I tried to follow these still get demoted for blowing your whistle for a flash that passes judgement.

Now I was a newbie too...and I blew my whistle on some things that were OBVIOUSLY stollen...but I also blew it on Porn-Slide Shows of Actual People. as noted, not appropriate for Newgrounds.

Not games, not galleries, a simple porn-slide show that passed judgement.

So I ended up with a Garbage whistle...But you know what...who cares!

Mindchamber's whistle status is garbage.

Sinapi responds:

thanks 4 the info, im reading all the faq, i think i wont use that whistle based on your experience.


2010-03-15 23:55:06

hey, animas muy bien, solo que necesitas ideas concretas :o

Sinapi responds:

A que te refieres con concretas? porque concretas considero que si lo son, aunque cortas.


2010-07-23 13:11:38

you have skills

Sinapi responds: